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California Child Support

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Check Your Child Support in 2 Easy Steps!


Here's the Main Screen. You are only 2 steps away for viewing a Child Support amount. Click in one of the "Gross Annual Income" fields to begin Step 1.



Step 1 - Enter Income. Clicking on the "Gross Annual Income" field has brought up the Income Screen. We've entered a salaried income for each party. You could enter any type of income and use the 'C' buttons to calculate a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, etc. to an annual amount. Scroll down, then click on 'Continue'.


The total annual income amounts are displayed. Click in one of the "Number of Children" or "Percentage of Custody" fields to go to Step 2.



Step 2 - Child Custody. Clicking in one of the custody fields brings up the Custody Screen. We have entered the children from youngest to oldest with the percentage of time spent with one of the parents. We then clicked on 'Auto Fill'  to complete the other parent's percentage. Scroll down and click 'Continue' to view the Child Support amount.



And, the Child Support Amount is displayed! The "Tax Dependents" and "Tax Filing Status" fields have been filled in automatically according to the custody information. They can be changed at any time. Now let's enter some Child Care Expenses. Click in one of the "Day Care and Child Expense" fields.



We entered these Day Care amounts. You would click on the 'C' buttons to calculate an amount into monthly terms. Click 'Continue' to see this information applied.




The "Net Monthly Income" has been adjusted for the new tax amounts and the "Monthly Child Expense to Pay" has been calculated according to the "Child Expense Responsibility" percentage. Now click on 'Calculate Both' to see a Temporary Spousal Support amount added.



The Temporary Spousal Support amount has been added. Want to see more? Click in one of the "Tax - Income Deductions" fields to see the Deductions screen. Click on the 'Taxes' button to see the tax screen. Click on the 'Report View' button to see a detailed report including Child Support Allocation amounts.



This is the Income Deduction Screen. Clicking the 'C' buttons will calculate an annual amount. Click 'Continue' to go back.



This is the Tax Screen. Taxes are calculated automatically. 'Edit Taxes' will allow the FICA, SDI, CTC, EIC, Federal and State amounts to be overwritten from itemized tax returns and W-2 forms. 'Calculate Taxes' will re-enter the calculated amounts. Click 'Continue' to go back.


Sample Report

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